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The Lower Minnesota River Watershed District (LMRWD) is an oasis of natural resources that are home to a variety of plants and animals. The bluffs and hillsides are home to farms, homes, and businesses that overlook the wide valley of Minnesota River. There are many opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy these resources. Learn more about water and natural resources in the LMRWD below.


The LMRWD is home to many lakes and ponds of varying sizes. Learn more about them below and on the Recreation page.

Rivers & Streams

From creeks to large Twin Cities metro rivers, the LMRWD manages and co-manages many watercourses, including those shown in the map below.

Calcareous Fens

Calcareous fens are extremely unique and rare wetlands that are home to a variety of plants. With only hundreds in known existence around the world, the LMRWD is lucky to be home to six fens, linked on the map below.


Trout Waters

Another unique resource in LMRWD is trout waters, including trout streams and lakes. These waters require a steady stream of cold groundwater that serves as the ideal habitat for trout.


Click on your lake, river, or stream to see documents relevant to that waterbody: