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Permits are only considered by the Board on the third Wednesday of each month and complete applications are due 20 days prior to the Board meeting. The District has up to 60 days to take action on a submitted permit application that is considered complete. Check Next Board Meeting

Permit Program

The Lower Minnesota River Watershed District (LMRWD) manages a water resources permit review program, designed to protect the unique water and natural resources within the watershed as construction occurs. The LMRWD is responsible for reviewing and approving state transportation projects, municipal permit applications, and individual projects in unincorporated areas for compliance with watershed district rules. Submitting a permit helps ensure that new work complies with larger watershed management goals. 

Individual Project Permit

This page provides information for applicants applying for a LMRWD permit when one of the following components applies:

  • The proposed project is located within an unincorporated area;
  • The proposed project is located within MnDOT right-of-way; or
  • The proposed project is located within a city that is not on the LMRWD Approved Local Government Unit (LGU) list:
    • Approved LGU list:
      • City of Bloomington (unless the project lies within a floodplain)
      • City of Burnsville (unless the project lies within a floodplain)
      • City of Carver (unless the project lies within a floodplain)
      • City of Eagan
      • City of Mendota Heights
      • City of Shakopee (unless the project lies within a floodplain or a High Value Resource Area)
    • Projects in all other cities must apply for an LMRWD individual permit

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  • Permit Application Deadlines
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