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Resources for Action

Are you ready to take action to improve local water quality? You can make a difference right at home. The resources below can help you make a positive impact across all seasons whether it be redirecting downspouts from hard surfaces in the spring or using less sidewalk salt in the winter. We have the right tools for you. Every action, no matter how small, can make a difference. Clean water starts with you!

A rain barrel captures water to reuse
A downspout can help water flow to the best place
A man clears lawn clippings away from storm drain
A woman cleans up dog poop to help the environment


Get ready for spring showers with these ways to manage water on your property:

Photo credits: MPCA, Young Environmental Consulting Group


Summer in Minnesota is short! Make the most of it by keeping our local water clean for swimming and fishing:

Photo Credits: MN Water Let's Keep it Clean, Clean Water MN

A steep river bluff with autumn color
A woman and children rake leaves away from storm drain
A person cleans up excess salt from their sidewalk in the winter
A woman shovels her sidewalk in the winter


Sweater weather is here! Enjoy the fall colors, but make sure to dispose of leaves properly for clean water:

Photo credit: Clean Water MN


Winter does not mean we stop working toward clean water! There are still things we can do to make a difference:

Photo Credits: Clean Water MN