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Lake ID

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) site ID 70034300. This link provides information on lake location, morphometry, and fisheries. 

Quarry Lake, located in the city of Shakopee, Minnesota, formed in the opening left after a limestone quarrying operation, which started in the 1960s, closed. The mining operation encountered an underground spring that later filled the mining site. The spring continues to supply water to the lake. Quarry Lake is 50-feet-deep, and approximately 70-acres with water cool enough for a cold-water fishery. Quarry Lake is a designated trout lake that is managed and stocked by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) as a recreational fishery.  

Although Quarry Lake is a MNDNR-designated trout lake, it is not a state-recognized public water. The MNDNR does not have regulatory jurisdiction over the lake and is not actively involved in its management. However, its trout designation allows the MNDNR fisheries department to conduct annual put-and-take operations. Put-and-take is a management style that involves stocking the lake with fish with the intent of having the fish caught by anglers. Generally, put-and-take management does not create a self-sustaining population of trout because few of the stocked fish reproduce. Starting in 2016, the MNDNR has been annually stocking Quarry Lake with trout, including rainbow, brook, and brown trout. 

Land Use

The approximate contributing drainage area of Quarry Lake is similar in size to the lake area and consists mostly of parkland and the Blue Lake Peaking Plant, which is an auxiliary electrical power plant operated by Xcel Energy. The drainage area consists primarily of sandy soils. Aerial photography suggests that the shoreline has established vegetation. Despite the established vegetation, the City has reported that the lake is experiencing some shoreline erosion. 

Public access to Quarry Lake was first opened in 2017 and is restricted to the northern part of the lake. Only foot traffic and nonmotorized watercraft are allowed. A fishing pier is at the northwest corner of the lake. The Shakopee Prior Lake Water Ski Association has permission to use motorized watercraft on the lake annually between May 1 and October 31 for community shows and practices. 

Water chemistry, lake bathymetry, and vegetation information for Quarry Lake have not been found. The MNDNR measured water temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels during a water quality survey in 2016, assessing DO levels suitable for a trout fishery. Eurasian Watermilfoil, and invasive aquatic plant, was discovered in Quarry Lake for the first time in 2016. 


This data was last updated in September 2021.