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Volunteers make a difference in our watershed by supporting the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District (LMRWD) mission to manage and protect the Minnesota River and our other water resources. Our volunteers educate the community and inspire change. If you are ready to work with other enthusiastic individuals on issues that will make a positive impact on local water, check out the opportunities below.

Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

Do you want to join an active community volunteer group that cares about clean water? The LMRWD CAC engages residents in actions that protect and improve water and natural resources. CAC members learn about local water resources and issues facing the watershed while participating in education and outreach events throughout the year. Learn more and apply on our Citizen Advisory Committee page.

Additional Volunteer Groups

There are many other local volunteer programs that benefit our shared waters. Explore options with the below organizations to find the one that fits you best. In addition to the donation of time, most organizations are also looking for financial support.

Freshwater Society

Volunteer with this organization to support water, with tasks from office work to events to hands-on shoreline cleanup. They also offer an in-depth program to become a Minnesota Water Steward.

Great River Greening

Bring yourself, family, and/or friends to a volunteer event where you can help remove invasive plants of plant native species. Check the calendar to find Saturday morning public events in both the spring and fall seasons.

Metro Children's Water Festival

This fun event brings together volunteers, metro area students, and volunteer presenters to teach kids about the importance of water resources and management. The event takes place every fall and relies on volunteer support.

Metro Blooms

This mission-based organization partners with communities to create resilient landscapes and foster clean watersheds. Volunteers can help with gardening tasks while embracing the values of equity to solve environmental challenges. 

Metropolitan Council Citizen-Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP)

This partnership allows volunteers to collect and analyze water quality data from lakes across the Twin Cities metro. Residents can follow the scientific process to secure data that helps governments make better decisions about lake management.

Three Rivers Park District

Find volunteer events year-round to engage in environmental stewardship projects, special events, programs, and more. Find an activity to support a park near you! They are available for all ages.

Minnesota Wetland Health Evaluation Program

This program engages citizen volunteers to help monitor wetlands in their community. Volunteers are recruited annually and provide a valuable service that ensures local wetlands remain in healthy shape.

The Citizen Advisory Committee tours Ike's Creek
A group cleans up near the river

Gardening gloves