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Numerous trails are scattered across the LMRWD for hiking, biking, skating, skiing, and other activities. Click the blue links below to learn more about each trail.

Minnesota Valley State Trail

The Minnesota Valley State Recreational Trail is part of the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area. The trail is composed of two parts: (1) 19.5 miles of mixed paved and unpaved trail from Belle Plain to Shakopee, MN, and (2) 1.7 miles of paved trail from the Minnesota Bottoms landing to Black Dog Lake in Bloomington, MN. The trail can be used for hiking, biking, mountain biking, in-line skating, horseback riding, skiing, and snowmobiling. The trail connects to many other local trails used for various uses.

Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge

The Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge in Bloomington, MN, contains nearly 50 miles of mixed-use trails along the Minnesota River. Long Meadow Lake and River Bottom Trails are specifically groomed for winter use by hikers, bikers, snowshoers, and cross-country skiers.

Fort Snelling State Park

The Fort Snelling State Park in Saint Paul, MN, provides 18 miles for hiking, 5 miles of paved bike paths connecting to larger regional trails, 10 miles for mountain biking, and three miles of walking trails on Pike Island. Six miles of trail are maintained for mixed winter use while 12 miles are groomed specifically for cross-country skiing and require a Great Minnesota Ski Pass.

Three Rivers Park District Trails

The Three Rivers Park District maintains numerous mixed-use summer and winter trails, offering more than 27,00 acres of trails across the Twin Cities metro. Key trails include the Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail, the Landing – Minnesota River Heritage Park, and the Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail.

Dakota County Mixed-Use Trails

Dakota County maintains two mixed-use trails of note within the LMRWD, (1) the Minnesota River Greenway and (2) the Big Rivers Regional Trail.

Fat Biking Trails

Most trails and roads identified as allowing bicycles also allow winter fat bike riding. Note: Do not use trails groomed for skiing and snowmobiling.

Snowmobiling Trails

Learn more about the many dedicated trails for snowmobiling in the Twin Cities. Notable trails within the LMRWD include (1) Trail 225 in Carver County, MN, and (2) Trail 208 in Scott County, MN.


Hiking on a trail in LMRWD


  • Many trails are within the Minnesota River floodplain and are subject to occasional flooding. To avoid unsafe conditions, look at individual trail conditions and uses before heading out.

  • While many trails are mixed use and allow cross-country skiing, several trails are specifically groomed for this use. Find out more about these trails and purchase a Great Minnesota Ski Pass here.