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LMRWD Watershed Management Plan

In October 2016, upon a recommendation from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) the Board directed the preparation of an amendment to the Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan (Plan).  Standards in the Plan have been updated to protect steep slopes, high value resource areas (fens and trout streams) and floodplains.

In September 2018, the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resource (BWSR) approved the Plan. The Plan will be in effect for the District until 2028, when the District will be required to review the Plan and update it as deemed appropriate.

The Board of Managers adopted the Plan at the October 24, 2018 meeting.

District developing rules

The Lower Minnesota River Watershed District generally does not require permits, it does however require that agencies with land use authority, referred to as Local Governmental Units (LGUs), adopt official controls to ensure District standards are enforced.  Official controls must be in place to meet the standards contained in the plan within 18 months of the plan adoption.

During the Plan amendment process, it became apparent that certain areas and types of projects have no regulating governmental authority (projects within unincorporated areas of the LMRWD and some transportation improvement projects).  Minnesota Statutes give watershed districts authority to regulate these types of projects.  The Board of Managers therefore determined the LMRWD should develop rules to govern these areas and projects.

Standards for development are discussed in Section 3 of the plan. Specific standards and criteria are in Appendix K.

If you have questions, please call the administrator, Linda Loomis, at 763-545-4659. Or email her through the contact page.

Because state, local, and federal agencies regulate water projects, you must check to find out which agencies require permits in your area: State DNR Water-Related Permit Contacts